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I am not a regular blog updater, nor do I want to put any effort into monetizing a blog. Paying for blog hosting and domain name registration no longer makes any sense. I’m letting this site expire July 1. For future updates, please see: http://mindfulriot.wordpress.com Thanks all!

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Today I realized with a start that my coach.me app habit was just a trick for holding myself together during the bad months. It’s been weeks since I had the drive to track small daily goals, to push myself to floss or strength train just so I could mark that checkbox. The other…

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cycling goals money and sustainability

After years of swearing I would never do such a thing, this girl got herself a mountain bike. I caved.  Hiking tricked me into thinking that biking on some of our area trails wouldn’t be so stressful.  (I was wrong:  bikes move faster than boots.)  I was looking to take…

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At the beginning of 2015, I was limitless.  I felt that I could and maybe would do anything.  I was tired of being focused on one goal, so I came up with 19 for the new year, with mixed results. I’m okay with being a little more focused this year.…

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Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. 2015 was a big year.  I went on half a dozen trips, sold my car, saved gobs of money, had a great cycling season, and discovered a love of hiking.  I felt a new drive to move, move, always keep moving.  On the bike, when I…

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